Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Ball Cannon®?

    Ball Cannon® is the World’s First Recreational Football Throwing Machine Intended for Professional Grade Fun! It’s a lightweight, portable, battery-operated, NERF™ football throwing machine intended for use by ages 14+. The Ball Cannon® can be used for football practice or recreational use - on a field, in a park, tailgate or backyard.

  2. What is the price of the Ball Cannon®?

    The Ball Cannon® is $499. (tax and shipping not included)

  3. Does the Ball Cannon® launch all types of footballs?

    No. The Ball Cannon® was designed to launch a NERF™ Pro-Grip style foam football. Using other brands of foam footballs will produce inconsistent results. The use of leather footballs will likely damage the product.

  4. Does the Ball Cannon® launch the ball with a spiral rotation?

    Yes! The Ball Cannon’s two-launch-wheel design provides long or short, straight or high, professional-quality spiral launches.

  5. How far can the Ball Cannon® launch a football?

    The launch distance is adjustable and can range from 10-100 feet.

  6. Is the angle of the launch adjustable?

    Yes. The angle of the guide rails can be manually adjusted from 30-60 degrees. This allows the ball’s launch angle to simulate crisp quarterback-like passes, punts and even the “Hail Mary” bomb!

  7. Can the Ball Cannon® be used by one person?

    Yes! One of the coolest features of the Ball Cannon® is its motorized carriage and 0-20 second adjustable launch delay which allows the user to set the time between when the “Launch” button is pressed and the carriage motion is initiated to launch a ball.

  8. How much does the Ball Cannon® weigh?

    The Ball Cannon® weighs 28lbs. The included 12Ah battery weighs 8lbs, producing a combined weight of 36lbs.

  9. How is the Ball Cannon® powered?

    The Ball Cannon® is powered by a lightweight, removable, rechargeable, 12V sealed lead acid battery.

  10. How long does the battery last?

    A fully charged 12V, 12AH battery can last up to 240 min depending on launch speeds and frequency of launches.

  11. How long does it take the battery to fully charge?

    Using the charger supplied with the Ball Cannon®, the 12V 12Ah battery should take no longer than four hours to charge.

  12. How big is the Ball Cannon®? Will it fit in my car?

    The main enclosure of the Ball Cannon® is roughly 21” x 22” x 18”. The curved guide rail assembly extends beyond the main enclosure and creates an overall dimension of 33” x 22” x 26”. The Ball Cannon® will fit in the back seat of most mid-sized cars.

  13. What components are included with the Ball Cannon®?

    Ball Cannon® is sold with one (1) 12V, 12Ah battery, two (2) NERF™ Pro-grip style footballs, and one (1) 12v 3Ah battery charger.

  14. What is the age requirements for using a Ball Cannon®?

    Ball Cannon® is intended for use by anyone age 14 and older.

  15. Can the Ball Cannon® be used in the rain and snow?

    The Ball Cannon should not be used in the rain or wet conditions. Most of the parts on the Ball Cannon are high-grade, automotive plastics with excellent resilience to prolonged exposure to extreme heat, cold and rain. The Ball Cannon Control Panel and electronics are generally “weatherproof”, however, they are not “waterproof”. Occasional exposure to a light rain should not cause any harm. However, prolonged, heavy exposure will corrode/rust some of the components and could permanently damage the electronics. The larger issue is that the Ball Cannon will not launch balls properly (or at all) when the ball, Launch Wheels or Guide Rails are wet. Even damp conditions can produce poor launch results.

  16. Can the Ball Cannon® be used in cold weather?

    Yes! The Ball Cannon is fully-functional is cold weather. However, when the Ball Cannon is stored and/or used in cold weather conditions (<60°F / 16° C), the grease in the launch wheel bearings stiffens. As a result, upon initial start-up, the wheels will not spin as freely or as fast as they will after they are running for a few minutes. This will result (initially) in shorter-than-normal launch distances and spirals that are not as tight. To overcome cold weather conditions, allow the wheels to spin at maximum speed for approximately 5 minutes prior to launching footballs. This will cause the wheel’s bearings and grease to warm up, allowing the wheels to spin more freely.

  17. What shipping options are available?

    The Ball Cannon’s default shipping method is UPS or FedEx Ground for a flat rate of $29.99 to locations anywhere in the continental United States. If you need expedited shipping or would like to pick up the Ball Cannon at our facility in Reading, PA, please call FreVon’s Customer Service Department at 610.370.7060.

  18. If I placed my order today, when will it arrive?

    Orders placed Monday-Friday will be shipped the Same Day, if received by 12:00PM EST. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped the following Monday. Please refer to the following FedEx transit map for estimated delivery times.

     FedEx Ground